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Turbo Air Ventilators


Principal of Operations :

Centrifugal force created by rotating vanes of Turbovent, create low pressure zone which draws fresh air from outside, thus replacing polluted air / hot air continously to atmosphere.

Construction :

Strong, light weight constructions, available in aluminium and stainless steel and also epoxy paints can be done on request.

Applications :

Advantages of Turbo Air Ventilators :

General Air Change Rate Require for Various Application :

Types of Building Air Change Rate / Hour
Factories 10-30
Ware House 5-10
Textile 4-12
Paper Mills 8-30
Engine Room 10-30
Packaging Industries 10-30
Transformer Room 10-30
Paint Shop / Boiler Room 20-50

Specifications of Turbo Air Ventilators :




Effective Throat Diameter 21" 24"
Overall Height 350 mm 400 mm
Overalll Diameter 700 mm 800 mm
No. of Vanes 36 42

Note : All diameter are subject to changes as per as the design.